Audio Book Reviews, Middle Grade

The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

Black Hollow Lane #1 by Julia Nobel
Published on:  March 5, 2019


Sometimes you see a cover and just know that this is a book you must read.  But I’ve been fooled before by covers, thankfully this wasn’t one of those times.  The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane is a terrific middle-grade mystery adventure debut novel.

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Historical Fiction

[ARC Review] The Long Flight Home

by Alan Hlad
Published on:  June 25, 2019

Long Flight Home

The Long Flight Home is primarily set in Eppings, England 1940 at the beginning of what has come to be known as The Blitz, where the Luftwaffe bombed London for almost 60 straight days. Eppings, England holds the farm home of Susan Shepherd and her grandfather Bertie who are both volunteers in the National Pigeon Service where they raise homing pigeons, or in this case – war pigeons. Shortly after the story starts ‘Ollie from Maine’, through a set of circumstances, begins helping them on the farm. He and Susan develop feelings for each other, but shortly after are separated when the first pigeon mission begins.

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Picture Books

[ARC Review] To Catch an Elephant

By Vanessa Westgate
Published on: June 25, 2019

Catch Elephant

This is a cute picture book story that provides instructions on how to catch an elephant. Thankfully, it also provides instructions on what to do next so any young child will know exactly what to do once it’s caught – my favorite part was when the elephant needed a photo for his passport. I do think kids will enjoy it since the idea of catching an elephant is taken to the extreme fun of it all and then comes back down to reality very slowly. I did find a few parts or words that were confusing: the portion about ‘suspicious elephants’ and some of the words, like “tons’ and ‘gallons’ might not be words they quite understand the meaning of yet.

Thank you to Netgalley and Clavis Publishing for opportunity to review this adorable picture book.

Sci Fi Short Stories/Novella

Notice to Spacemen

A Novella by Oliver Arnold
Published on:  February 19, 2019


What in the world did I just read?  This was…different.   Was it a parody?  Tongue-in-cheek comedy?  A satire?  A serious novella?  All of the above?  After I finished reading this so many thoughts and questions rolled through my mind…

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Middle Grade

[ARC Review] Space Dragons

by Robin Bennett
Published on:  June 19, 2019

Space Dragons

If Stan Pollux had known he would be spending the rest of his summer holidays in the outer reaches of our solar system, he would have put on different underpants.

In Space Dragons a boy named Stan has a lot of things on his mind – mainly his telescope that was broken by his little sister.   But that all changes when he gets kidnapped by a space dragon, who actually turns out to be rather friendly.  Apparently Stan had been in contact with the Particle of Light, which is what caught the dragon’s attention –  even though Stan has no idea what that is.  But then Stan’s sister gets kidnapped too, but this time the dragon that kidnaps her is not so friendly.  So Stan and Mercury (the friendly dragon that kidnapped Stan) go seek advice and assistance from the other dragons in order to help free his sister and save the universe.

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Sci Fi

The Stars Now Unclaimed

The Universe After Book 1 by Drew Williams
Published on:  August 21, 2018

the stars unclaimed

There’s just something about space battles that I love. Lucky for me this book is chock-full of them, leaving my sci-fi heart feeling pretty good after finishing this story.

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