Audio Book Reviews, Middle Grade

Fortunately, The Milk – Audio Book Review

By Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by: Skottie Young
Narrated by Neil Gaiman
Published on: September 30, 2014

What a completely unexpected treat. Well, it’s Neil Gaiman so it is not completely unexpected. But – oh my goodness – this book is crazy fun with one long oddball story about what took a father so long to get the milk for that morning’s cereal.

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Black Recluse – Book Review

Roanoke Desperados Book 1 by Anna Bowman
Published on: July 17, 2019

I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky on my recent steampunk finds. Black Recluse by Anna Bowman offers adventure and danger in multiple locations, a bit of mystery, and an air ship crew you feel at home with, but who also all seem all have their own secrets to keep.

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Picture Books

Don’t Let the Beasties Escape this Book! – Picture Book Review

By Julie Berry
Illustrated by April Lee
Published on: September 10, 2019

Oh my goodness – The pictures in this book are absolutely gorgeous. The colors are rich and vivid and just wonderful to look at.

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Fantasy - General

The Immortal City – Book Review

The Magicians of Venice Book 1 by Amy Kuivalainen
Published on: September 19, 2019

The Immortal City is fantasy/mystery story set in modern times, but focusing on the lost city of Atlantis. It didn’t work 100% for me, but it was still a nice book that I believe some will really enjoy.

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Middle Grade

Malamander – Audio Book Review

The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea Book One by Thomas Taylor
Published on: September 10, 2019

Filled with interesting characters and set in a town where folklore comes to life, Malamander is the perfect choice when you need a middle grade fantasy book that is different than wizards and magic.

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Picture Books

Winter Sleep – Picture Book Review

A Hibernation Story by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss
Illustrated by: Cinyee Chiu
Published on: September 17, 2019

I really loved reading this story. The illustrations and story were so peaceful and calming that I really took my time as I read it, drawing in all the beautiful touches the illustrations put in to enhance the story.

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