A Deadly Course

Sugarbury Falls Mystery #1 by Diane Weiner
Published on:  September 2, 2016
3 stars

A Deadly CourseFirst, I want to say I enjoyed this book. Sometimes giving a book 3 stars might give a bad impression. That’s not the case – I liked the book. I liked the characters and the town and the story, but there were a few things that weighed it down while I was reading it, which is how I came to give it 3 stars.

Sometimes when I read a book it starts dragging or slows down somewhere in the middle. As a reader I will wish there was some action or additional subplot to catch my attention and speed things up. But that is not the case with this story. One of the things I kept wishing for or wanting in the story was for it to slow down. The author has carefully crafted her plot, her victim(s), her suspects, her locations, but I felt that we went from point to point too fast. However, it got me to thinking that perhaps it wasn’t too fast, but instead there wasn’t enough prose or breathing room between plot points. Leading me to then think that what I felt it needed was better transitions, although I still would like some room to breathe and think between plot moments.

With that being said, I found the additional character of Maddie a welcome addition to the story. Once she came into their lives, the mystery solving slowed down a bit and we got to breathe a little as this new development outside of the mystery occurred. I also appreciated the willingness of the main characters to open their hearts and lives to Maddie.

One of the things to like about the 2 main characters is how they work together to solve the mystery and help out the police. However, while I enjoyed their sleuthing I wasn’t as keen on how they would immediately go back to the widow and ask or bring up questions that they really shouldn’t even know or had any business asking about. Sometimes they brought a question up with a bit of stealth – those times were fine. But other times it felt like such a bold question that I wondered why the widow didn’t get upset with them. I also had a difficult time when Henry divulged private patient information to his wife immediately upon coming home. I knew he was going to do it, but it still bothered me nonetheless.

Overall, I did enjoy the book and the story. Never once did any of these issues stop me from wanting to read it. But with a few additional tweaks, I think the next stories will be even better.

I won this in a GoodReads Giveaway and this is my honest opinion.

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