The Aeronaut’s Windlass

The Cinder Spires #1 by Jim Butcher

The Aeronauts WindlassAudio Book Review: I loved listening to this on audio. Euan Morton did a fantastic job, especially in regards in regards to how he read the cat parts. When he read their dialogue, I could “feel” the cat’s overall indifference and disdain and sounded exactly what my mind thought a cat should sound like.

Overall Thoughts
1. Months from now when time has past what I will remember is how much I enjoyed the cats and how they were portrayed. I found their world and customs brilliantly thought out because it was so cat-like, such as two cats having a diplomatic meeting where the point was to see which one was most indifferent to the other.

2. The space ship fight was wonderful to listen to, especially since you can fight in all directions. I may actually go back and re-listen to that part because I enjoyed it so much.

3. Folly was a fun character. Listening to her talk with others while conversing with a jar was quite entertaining.

4. The growth of Bridget throughout the story. She was the most heartwarming, going to a sheltered scared girl to someone who is brave enough to protect others when there doesn’t appear to be any hope. But I especially enjoyed her last couple of scenes and how she interacted with 2 characters in those scenes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it for anyone.

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