The Map to Everywhere

The Map to Everywhere #1 by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis
Published on:  November 4, 2014

Map to Everywhere

My nephew recommended this book. He liked it so much that he found my Fire tablet and proceeded to mark the entire series with 5 stars on GoodReads, even though I hadn’t read any of them yet. So, now that I’ve finished listening to it on audio, which was excellent, and with each character having his or her own voice. I am interviewing my nephew for his review.

Here is his review:

Tell me a little about the book: “The book is about how someone named Merrill in a real life place who went to an imaginary place with a magician named Ardent. They go to save something called the Pirate Stream with the help of Finn, who is a forgettable person.” (In the story people forget about him when they stop talking to him)

What did you like most about it? “I liked how they changed the characters storyline. I like how they would drop different objects in the pirate stream and they would change to be a different object. I liked how it ended.”

What did you think about the bad guy? “He was funny at times because of how he made everyone cry.”

Is there anything you didn’t like? “I didn’t like it when people forgot Finn.”

Would you recommend the book? “Yes – to people who like fantasy.”

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