Livi and Grace

By Jennifer Lynch
Illustrated by Missi Jay
Published on: June 11, 2019

Livi and Grace

What a sweet story about appreciating that which makes each person unique and special. In this picture book, Livi and Grace are sisters who couldn’t be more different and yet each difference is appreciated. Liv is neat and tidy and loves tea parties. Grace is wild and playful who wears roller skates indoors. I, myself, can relate to Grace in that I remember wearing my skates in the house too – I believe I was pretending to be ice skating as I watched the winter Olympics.

The illustrations in the book are charming. The only part I slightly had trouble reading or viewing was when there was white text against the green grass. I think the swirls in the grass helped make it a bit more of a challenge to see, but every page has different text and background colors, so this issue didn’t last long at all. Great book and great message of appreciating what makes others special, but also loving what is special about you too.

Thanks to Netgalley and Green Leaf Book Club for the ARC.

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