The Pillars of Idrapha

By Geoff Lichy
Published on:  December 26, 2015

Pillars Idrapha

  A science fiction horror short story that is haunting, creepy, and leaves you wanting a little more.

They were there to investigate the pillars that no one could explain. Pillars that man-made tools weren’t able to penetrate. But while they are investigating, the Giubilo – one of the ships that brought them – stops responding to communications. So a team is put together to go and find out what has gone wrong. It was most likely due to a technical malfunction. They were wrong.

The Pillars of Idrapha is a short story – a very short story. But the author uses every word carefully, creating a mystery that draws you in. The eeriness begins immediately once the story engages. What are those pillars? Why don’t tools work on them? The whole planet is unknown to the characters and therefore there is no set expectation of what the soldiers investigating might encounter once they set foot on the ship. From the pillars, to specific events on the ship, everything is a big unknown.

The book was definitely an enjoyable read and I would welcome more from the author and even more from this story line. The ending was a tad confusing and I did have to read it twice to get a better understanding, which then caused me to do a search on the internet and look something up. I am glad I found this on Reading Deals and can definitely recommend it if what you are looking for is a short sci fi horror story.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, and I gave an honest review.

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