[ARC Review] The Big Five

By Bella Makatini
Published on:  July 5, 2019

The Big Five tells the story of a boy named Danny who is staying with his grandpa for five days.  He loves to look at his grandpa’s paintings, but his favorite is his painting of five animals from Africa.  He asks his grandpa what each of the animals are.  His grandpa gives him clues and they talk about the characteristics of each one.

This book was adorable and the pictures had very vibrant colors that look cheerful.  The story was crafted with just the right amount of word and phrase repetition.  But what I really think will stand out is how the story contains actions that both the reader and the listener can do giving everyone involved an enjoyable time and probably some laughter too.  So, if the animal does stomping, Danny and grandpa begin to stomp around giving the readers and listener an opportunity to stomp around too.

The Big Five was the winner of the children’s story contest by Inclusive Works.

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