Gerald’s Mistake: An Accidental Cat-astrophe – Short Story Review

An Accidental Cat-astrophe Book 1 by T.M. Edwards
Published on: June 19, 2019

Poor Gerald wasn’t getting fed on time.  His owner, Frank, was just too absorbed in his work and was late – again.  And after all…Gerald did warn Frank not to be late again so this whole thing is really not his fault. 

Ever wonder what your cat is thinking when you forget to feed it?  Or what they might do should the end of the world come?  This short story gives you the chance to find out.


One cat.
One button.
One accidental cat-astrophe.

Gerald wasn’t one for reliving the past. After all, mistakes can’t be changed, and he found no point in experiencing them more than once.

That is, until Gerald made the biggest mistake of all.

In a single moment the fat gray cat brought his own world, and the world of the cat-food-opener, crumbling down around his ears.

It was their own fault, really. After all, what kind of person sticks a cat in the same room as a doomsday button and says “don’t touch”?

Oh, that’s right. A mad scientist.

Too bad Gerald isn’t good at listening to instructions.

Cats, the apocalypse, and one fatal paw-swipe, what more could you ask of a book?


I think we can all agree that cats are notorious for having their own unique personality.  Lucky for us this story gives us the opportunity to find out exactly what they are trying to tell you when they rub past your legs, or why they might leave just a little food in the bowl.  In Gerald’s Mistake, we start following Gerald before the accident occurs and see what leads up to it.  Once the cat-astrophe occurs, he knows he’s got to leave and we then see what an ‘everyone-run-for-your-life’ type of escape might look like from a cat’s point of view.  Along the way, he meets a knowledgeable cat named Sasha who helps guide him on how to travel long distances so that your paws don’t get hurt as well as teaches him a thing or two about the outside world.  From there they experience train rides, bus rides, and get to see what quarantines look like. 

The short story is told in 3rd person/cat and we only experience things as he does.  There are a couple of spelling mistakes, but nothing that kept me from enjoying the story.  Along the way Gerald also gives us the pleasure of letting us know what he thinks of humans from time to time.  I assure you – it is nothing positive.

This book is the first in a series and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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