Gerald’s Regret – Short Story Review

An Accidental Cat-astrophe Book 2 by T.M. Edwards
Published on: July 5, 2019

Last week I reviewed Gerald’s Mistake: An Accidental Cat-astrophe where Gerald might have “accidentally” caused the end of the world. In Gerald’s Regret, things are only getting worse…for humans, that is.


Gerald didn’t believe in regret.

That is, until he caused the apocalypse.

Now regret is a monster he can’t escape…and it’s the least of his worries.

Along with Sasha, the little cream-colored cat who may be the only friend he’s ever known, Gerald is on a mission to save the world he just wrecked.

Not only must the two of them navigate a world without can openers or beings tall enough to turn doorknobs, the streets are now haunted by something entirely more terrifying. They look human, but they smell like death. They stagger along the streets, unpredictable and aggressive…and every day there’s more.

It’s a good thing cats have nine lives, because Gerald’s going to need every one of them if he has any hope of undoing his mistake.


“I didn’t mean to kill him.  I merely wanted him to remember to feed me.

I’m really enjoying this short story series.  In Gerald’s Mistake, we learn how Gerald might have “accidentally” started the end of the world.  He wasn’t getting fed on time by his human servant and just wanted to teach Frank a lesson.  But now that it is a few days into the disaster Gerald is slowly starting to realize that maybe he did make a mistake after all – not that he’s ready to admit it to himself yet.  As Gerald slowly begins to comprehend that he may have to become accustomed to scrounging for food and scraps it dawns on him that there might be some drawbacks to what he did.

Just as in the previous short story, Gerald is having to find ways to get rest, food, and stay alive.  The only difference now is that humans are no longer his concern – mainly because they are becoming zombies, or death walkers as they are called in the book.   In the beginning, Sasha and Gerald believe that these death walkers may be a good thing for them because they don’t seem too concerned about the cats.  At first, that is.

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What is quite love-able in the story is how Gerald and Sasha are slowly learning how to rely on each other as well as like how it feels to be needed by someone else and how it feels to have a friend.   Both of them had been solitary creatures before the cat-astrophe so this emotional attachment is incredibly new to them. 

All in all I am still enjoying this short story series and recommend it if you’ve ever wanted to know how a cat might react to a zombie or vice versa.  Book 3 – Gerald’s Journey – comes out in August and I look forward to see where we go next in this journey.


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