It Came From Under the High Chair – Salió De Debajo De La Silla Para Comer – Book Review

Mini Mysteries for Minors Book 5 by Karl Beckstrand
Illustrated by Jeremy Higginbotham
A Mystery (In English and Spanish)
Published on:  July 20, 2019

A bilingual picture book where the story of what happens to the food a toddler throws on the floor is told in both English and Spanish.

The story begins with young Ivan making a mess at dinner and ends up with his food thrown on the floor.  After dinner the family is busy getting everyone ready for their baths and bedtime so no one is there except for young Elena to watch the food move on its own.  By the next morning the green blob of food is gone.  Mom thinks dad has cleaned it, but as more strange things begin occurring, like the dog food disappearing too quickly, they all begin to wonder what is going on.

On each page the story is written in English, but on the same page, but in a different location the story is also written in Spanish.  At the beginning, before the story and at the end, is information regarding the two languages.  The beginning information identifies how the vowel sounds are different and how nouns are treated when plural.  Then, at the end a list of prepositions and their translations are provided.

One of the things that caught my attention was how the mess on the floor wasn’t going to be picked up until the next day.   The mom had left to go to class and the dad had to get the kids ready for bed and so the mess couldn’t be fully cleaned.  It’s probably a strange thing to notice, but I suspect there are a lot of families out there that just run out of hours in a day and have to let messes sit until there is time to take care of them so it was kind of nice to see ‘reality’ portrayed in a picture book.  Of course, on the other hand, had the parents immediately cleaned it up there probably wouldn’t have been a story at all.

Overall, I think kids will like the mystery.  The Illustrations showed a normal household – other than a food blob eating strange things.  The only issue I do have with them is that the mom and daughter had almost the same color of shirt on at dinner.  It probably wouldn’t have hurt to have the mom in an orange, or red, etc. – something that was just different.  There are only a few pictures that have them both with the same color shirt though.  The next day occurs and they are no longer wearing the same color.

Rating:  4 stars

Thank you Netgalley and Premio Publishing & Gozo Books for a review copy and the opportunity to provide an honest review.


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