Watch for the Lights – Short Story Review

by KBrillWriting on WattPad

I can’t think of any genre better suited for short stories than science fiction.   The endless possibilities of where a story can go are only limited by what the author can think up.  However, I think my personal favorite type of science fiction short story is when there is something eerie and unexplained going on. Watch for the Lights is just one example of this genre and I absolutely loved it.


The story begins with an older man, Jack, speaking an odd, out-of-the-blue type of comment that almost forces the younger man, Michael, sitting near him at a bar to respond, if only politely.  The older man tells the younger that he lives “in a strange place.”  The younger man doesn’t really have much anything else to do so he politely listens to the older man’s story – at first. 

As the story slowly unfolds, it becomes apparent to the younger man that he is no longer listening politely.  Instead, he is caught up in the story the older man tells about strange lights, loud noises, and unexplained events that occurred many years prior where the older man and his wife live.  As the older man’s story concludes the younger man is spooked enough to know that this story will stay with him for the rest of his life.


This is not and will not be the first story I read involving unexplained events.  But what makes this story special is how the older man draws the younger man and us in.  The story is mostly told in conversational form that is so engaging that I felt I was there with them – I could hear the noise at the bar and the sound of the glasses clinking as well as feel the atmosphere.  When I first started reading the older man’s words I could clearly hear his voice in my head with his phrasing and abbreviated pronunciations that sounded just like a regular person might speak if they were trying to tell a story or trying to make someone believe something that is so fantastical sounding like ‘strange lights and noises.’  There were even repeated phrases like one might actually do when trying to restart a sentence or trying to express a sentiment within a conversation. 

I also found the story itself was very engaging and continually building upon itself.  It starts off with only small strange occurrences that a regular person would probably notice but ignore, but then keeps occurring moving us toward the climax and end of the story.

Overall, it was a terrific read.  I recommend this to those who like a little bit of the unknown, a little bit creepy, and to those who want to know why you should watch for the lights. 

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