The Dome – Short Story Review

by Allison Dorner
Published on: July 16, 2019

At only 19 pages long, The Dome sets a quick pace telling its story and then coming to a nice conclusion that makes you wonder what happens next to our main characters.


Nava has lived a protected and comfortable life under the Dome, safe from a toxic, war-torn world where nothing has survived for centuries. But when Nava discovers something alive outside the protection of the Dome, her reality is shaken and she will do anything to discover the truth, even risk her own life.


In The Dome, Nava is slowly waking up to a new reality. Everything is the same and yet there are hints that perhaps the truth that she is being told isn’t reality. Of course, it could just be a mistake, but as she starts seeing further evidence of the truth she takes a drastic step in discovering this truth for herself. A step that could alienate her from everything and everyone she knows or even be a death sentence.

What I liked is Nava’s determination to discover the actual truth. She didn’t seek it out originally, but it found her. Then, once she does realize the truth she is tenacious enough to not back down, although she does have one concern – her best friend Luke.

I also was interested in how the government and laws were structured. Such lengths they go to keep someone from asking questions or sharing what they’ve learned with others.

Upon starting this story, I had an idea of what it was telling or where it was sort of leading to. I wasn’t wrong – it’s probably a type of story you have heard in other dystopian or sci fi type stories. While it doesn’t reinvent the genre, it does do a nice job of how the story is told.

Rating 4.5 stars

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