Praetorian Rising – Book Review

By J. McSpadden
Published on: July 13, 2019

I found about this book when I happened to run across a blog post by the author on WordPress. The author demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm for the story, which is what truly won me over into reading it. However, the beautiful cover didn’t hurt either.


In a shattered reality filled with questions and secrets, the terrifying truth may not be who she is, but what.

Camille Scipio awakens one morning remembering nothing of her life. The sword and bow feel like old friends as she eases into the safety and comfort of Sierra Village. Able to gut a squirrel in two seconds and hunt in the forest past curfew, she’s devastated when a mysterious beast attacks the village and mortally wounds the family she’s grown to love. The family she failed to protect.

Now, fleeing for her life, and hunted by the tyrannical High King of Aspera, Camille finds herself at a crossroad. Led by genetically superior assassins known as Praetorians, Camille struggles to understand her role in the new reality she’s forced into. As horrific memories threaten to consume her, Camille must make a choice: join the Rogue Rebellion or seek revenge against those who wronged her. Can she defeat the demons within and fight for freedom? Or will she slip into the darkness of her past?


There is something captivating in how the author has written this novel. Upon reading, I was immediately drawn into the story as Vesyon carries an unconscious woman, escaping some unknown danger with only Neeko, a small feline, as their companion. Vesyon is leaving the unconscious woman, Camille, with someone who is going to not only help hide her, but will also get her ‘ready’ in a year’s time. Although we aren’t quite sure what all ‘ready’ entails at this point. The only problem they are both concerned about is how much damage the induced amnesia has caused.

Even before the first chapter is complete you are aware that in this world there is not only danger and a potential rebellion, but that there is plenty of political intrigue as we learn of those with high rank are, of course, power hungry, but that there is something amiss with the High King because he hasn’t been seen in quite a while.

The main character, Camille, does indeed end up with pretty significant amnesia, which is what I like and didn’t like at times. I knew going in that there would be a memory issue given as it is in the description and part of the fun when reading the story is discovering important facts along with her. But, there were also times where this worked against the book too (for me) as I grew frustrated about not knowing who her companions were to her or if I should trust one more than the other or trust any of them. I went back and forth on this subject while reading the book wishing I understood more even when knowing half the fun is in the discovery.

Overall, it is a well written story that is easy to fall into. There is also a lot of danger awaiting our characters along with plot developments to keep the story moving. Even though I had a little difficulty with feeling as if I didn’t know enough of Camille’s past, I do believe that there are many who will love all the questions of who she is and what she brings to the rebellion. All in all, I am certain many will definitely enjoy this start to a new fantasy series.

Rating: 4 stars

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