The Dragon’s Banker – Book Review

By Scott Warren
Published on: September 25, 2019

If you’ve ever read The Hobbit then you know that dragons are intelligent creatures filled with greed as they closely guard their hoard of treasure. But time doesn’t stand still even for dragons and countries will begin to modernize whether the dragons want them to or not. So, what is a dragon to do when gold is no longer accepted as payment for goods or services?


Finance: The lifeblood of any country’s beating heart and the life’s work of Sailor Kelstern — Merchant Banker. While wizards brood in their towers and great warriors charge into battle Sailor is more interested in the price of ore, herbs, and alchemicals carried by the trade ships.
But when a spell of bad fortune and bitter rivalry leaves him scrambling to turn a profit on little more than winds and whispers, one such whisper catches Sailor’s ear— a dragon has been seen in the west.

Sailor soon finds that the dragons are very real, and not at all what he expected. And they practice a very different sort of economy — one of subterfuge and fire.


In Borreos, wizards are common, but dragon’s are not. In fact, the existence of dragons are thought to be almost laughable since it has been so long since anyone has seen any. Sailor Kelstern, a banker, is having a normal day as any when a drifter tells him that there is a rumor that some dragons have been spotted in the Redfang Mountains. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to Sailor until he meets one who requests his help and banking knowledge. Sailor says no, but due to a set of circumstances he is forced into a working relationship with the dragons to help them exchange their gems, metals, and other treasures to something that will work in the new modern times – all without anyone knowing that there are dragons in the world and that they have a lot of gold.

My overall take is that this is a good book to try out if you want to stick to something in the fantasy genre, but want something different than a story about needing to save the world from pending doom. The characters are well done and likeable and the situations they encounter are interesting as they try to navigate the world that sometimes wants to work against them. Also, keeping up with the dragon’s ever changing demands isn’t that easy either. Be prepared though – Sailor sometimes has to explain to the dragons and others about how he plans to accomplish everything so there may be more business-related conversations than you might expect in any fantasy book.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Thanks to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for an advanced reader copy and opportunity to provide an honest review.

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