Prime Infinity – Audio Book Review

By Ricky Dragoni
Published on: April 14, 2017

A science fiction story about a small group attempting to resist against a corporation that has enabled a scientific achievement to go off the rails and become militarized. However, first the main person who can help them needs to remember…everything.


A miracle of science and medicine is achieved by Dr. Vincent Rivera in the development of Reincarbonation. His desperate attempts to save a child leapfrog science forward, but spell the beginning of mankind’s demise. Death becomes optional as Reincarbonation transplants a patient’s old soul into a new, healthy cloned body. The success of the operation leads to a worldwide cry for help creating the desperate need for funding. Vanity steps in and the desire of the rich to be young again provides the needed funds. Eventually Reincarbonation is militarized which starts the beginning of the end. What was started by the altruistic Dr. Rivera soon becomes the ruling corporation in the world, “The Board”, who seizes control over all the re-soldiers – along with every nation on the globe. A resistance is born in hopes of overthrowing “The Board”. Enlisting the help of Dr. Rivera, who is afflicted with nightmares and flashbacks as he fights with the rebellious group to overthrow “The Board”, the truth slowly unravels as the rebels makes one final, desperate attempt to bring the world back to sanity.


If there is anything that became crystal clear while listening to this audio book it was this: this narrator loves doing this job. The author has a way of writing dialogue and character internal thoughts so that it sounds very conversational or in such a manner as what an actual person might think or say. The narrator, Steve Castello, knows exactly how to make each phrase and internal conversation sound so incredibly natural. So natural that it seems as if the narrator himself is providing his own thoughts and commentary and not reading from the book.

At the beginning of the story our main character wakes up with several individuals around him, but has no clue who they are or who they are to him. What I found was that when I listened to this particular audio book in only a few, short minutes at a time that what occurred was that I would get a little lost in the story. The main character does know not anything or the other characters around him – therefore the listener doesn’t either. Then, you stop listening only to come back to it later but you (and he ) still don’t know anything and have no reference points – yet. For this reason, I would definitely recommend attempting to listen to the beginning of the story in longer segments than I did. At least, until you feel like you have a good foothold in the story. Once I realized this and found time to do it the story became more cohesive to me and I was able to enjoy it more since I wasn’t required to have to replay certain parts over again.

One of the initial things that has stood out to me since the first time I heard the narrator in The Swift was his deep voice. However, even with this deep voice he is able to give a higher-pitched and soft touch to the female characters and then on the other end of the spectrum he can apparently go even lower like he does with the character ‘D.’

If there are any negative things that stand out in the book it was the overuse of ‘baby’ by Kate and the ongoing acknowledgement of the Greek Goddess’s female anatomy parts that the main character liked. However, I suspect that the continual use of the term ‘baby’ probably reads better than how it came across in the audio book. As for the Greek Goddess, I know had to replay certain parts to get caught-up when I had been away from the book for too long and got double-the dose of the phrases that were annoying me in regards to her. But the narrators exuberance at times with the female body part didn’t sit well with me. At this point in time, I have finished the story and although the overuse of terms, such as Kate, make much more sense now, I still have issues with them.

Overall, the production quality of the audio book was ok – I was able to hear and understand the words when using either my headsets or when driving in the car. The story was engaging, but as I mentioned I did have some confusion at times in the beginning due to only being able to listen at small moments in time.

Rating: 4 stars

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