Dyno Dinosaur Family Christmas Adventures – Picture Book Review

By Sharida McKenzie
Illustrated by Tatiana Minina
Published on: December 7, 2018

Who knew picture books could contain an anthology of stories? In this dinosaur-themed Christmas book, we learn that reindeer were not the first to fly the sleigh and that dyno snowmans have tails.


Let your child’s imagination run wild in this immersive and delightful collection of Christmas short story picture books starring the Dyno Dinosaur Family! Experience the Christmas spirit with the Dyno family as they laugh, play and celebrate together all while helping Santa and Mrs. Claus prepare presents for all the little girls and boys. The stories and illustrations magnificently capture the warmth and magic of the holidays. The dinosaur lover in your family will treasure this creative twist on Christmas! Perfect for kids ages 0-6.

Titles include:
1.Santa and the Flying Dinosaurs
2.Dyno Kids Visit Santa’s Workshop
3.Decorating the Christmas Tree with the Dyno Family
4.Dyno Family Snow Day


Overall, a nicely illustrated and fun rhyming picture book about dinosaurs at Christmas.

Santa and the Flying Dinosaurs – In the first story we learn how reindeer were not the first to help Santa out on Christmas Eve. We also learn that they actually got to go inside the homes with Santa and helped deliver presents and ate Santa cookies. After reading this, I’m beginning to think the reindeer of today have a raw deal since they have to stay out in the cold and on the roof.

Dyno Kids Visit Santa’s Workshop – A rhyming story of what dyno-kids can see and play with when they visit Santa’s workshop. Incidentally, there are also dino-elves at the workshop.

Decorating the Christmas Tree with the Dyno Family – Another rhyming story about a family putting the Christmas tree up together.

Dyno Family Snow Day – This story is all about the excitement snow can bring as the dyno-kids see snow and make a snow dinosaur. This one also happens to include my favorite picture where we see two dyno-kids in PJs with feet. So cute.

Rating: 4 stars

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