Hollow Dolls – Book Review

Hollow Dolls Book 1 By MarcyKate Connolly
Published on: January 7, 2020

A new middle grade series featuring two children with specialized magical talents, who go to The Archives in the main city to try to find out more about the town where one of them might have come from. All while having to confront a new enemy.


Simone is a mind-reader. She knows a great many things, but she can’t seem to remember anything about her past. So when she gets the chance to search for her family, she sets off to finally find her home.

When she stumbles across a man with two minds inside him―the real one, shoved deep down, and one of a body walker, someone who can take over a person’s body against their will―Simone is even more eager to leave her old life behind.

As Simone dives deeper into her history, she learns truths she never could have imagined. But as those she loves start disappearing around her, Simone knows only she can stop the evil, before it’s too late.


When I ran across this first book in a new series, I was drawn in by the description, which sounds a bit creepy and spooky – one of my favorite subgenres within middle grade. It features two main characters – Simone, a mind reader, and Sebastian, a boy who can steal others memories. The prologue gives quite a bit of background into their story and how they and other children were kidnapped and kept in a Lady’s garden against their will. However, they have recently been freed and the children are free to now go back to their families. Most have a home to go back to, but Simone does not. She had her memories taken by Sebastian and does not know anything about her past, but stays with Sebastian and his sister until she can find hers.

The prologue is pretty extensive for a middle grade novel and after reading it and the first several chapters, I had the distinct impression that I had been thrown into what feels like the middle of a book. As if it were Part II of a novel and I’ve only wandered in to where someone had left it bookmarked. That was when I learned that this is a follow-up series, or add-on series to the Shadow Weaver series. Although though this is a new series it doesn’t really feel that way. There is a great deal of referencing to the previous series and story and even though there is enough information to understand the story it does not feel as if it is broken out into it’s own unique series.

Overall, the story has a series and somber tone to it which also added to my feeling of it being in the middle of a book. It was well-written and had interesting characters with Simone needing to learn a lot of how to actually live day-to-day with her talent, so if you are fans of the Shadow Weaver series you most likely won’t be disappointed. But since I am not familiar with that series it was difficult for me to enjoy on its own.

Rating: 3 stars

Thanks to Netgalley and SourceBooks Kids for the advanced reader copy and opportunity to provide an honest review.

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