Magic 7 – Never Alone – Graphic Novel Review

Script by: Kid Toussaint
Art by: Rosa La Barbera, Giuseppe Quattrocchi
Published on: January 20, 2020

Magic 7 completely surprised me in how much I enjoyed it. And if I am honest, it was a graphic novel I was not ready to have end. If the 2nd volume had been available to me I would have immediately grabbed it and started reading.

Technically speaking, I was a little worried at the first page. It looked to be set hundreds of years ago, not to mention an old fashioned art style and font style, but as I turned to the 2nd page everything completely changed. That’s when I realized the first page was only a flashback to some previous time setting the story in motion.

Magic 7 revolves around a boy named Leo who is starting at a new school and just happens to be able to see, talk, and interact with ghosts. To be accurate, the ghosts are historical figures of various sorts from the past. As it is described later in the novel, they are people who are still remembered, but they aren’t all who you think they would be. Some of the individuals include Houdini, Errol Flynn, Sugar Ray Robinson, just to name a few. What makes this even more unique is that they can sometimes lend him their talents, such as Houdini helping him escape from a locker a bully pushed him into.

Besides having his own first day difficulties, a string of school robberies also begin to occur introducing Leo to his first friend – Hamlin, who is immediately looked at with suspicion, but is clearly innocent. As it turns out, Hamlin also has his own unique ability too. The two friends continue trying to figure out who is behind all the robberies, never knowing that there is a master plan behind it all.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable graphic novel with a unique concept of Leo and his ghosts, along with the other kids who have abilities too. It was a different take on magic that worked well together and made for a very interesting and entertaining read. Personally, I was impressed at the variety of ghosts. I listed only three above, but there were definitely others who were very entertaining as they often had conversations amongst themselves when Leo was home, but also others would just show up when Leo needs a specialized skill to help him out. In addition, the pacing and story was also very entertaining as well as they story never grew stale or lingered too long in one place.

Recommended for anyone looking for a graphic novel with a fun YA take on magic. Art style is inviting with bright and vibrant colors.

Rating: 4.5 stars


On his first day of class at a new school, Leo, a boy who talks to the ghosts of famous dead people for fun, meets Hamlin, who can talk to animals, and Farah, a human flamethrower. The new friends band together to track down the thief who has made off with the school’s prized trophy, and must use all their powers to fight off an army of gigantic robots intent on destroying them. What they don’t know is that this is all just part of a much, much bigger plan…

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