You Can Do It, Noisy Nora! – Picture Book Review

By: Rosemary Wells
Published On: April 28, 2020

I’m with Nora – Clair de Lune is a musical masterpiece and has such a lovely, dreamy quality to it that it would inspire almost anyone to want to learn a musical instrument just to play it.

One peaceful evening, Nora hears her neighbor play Clair de Lune on the violin from his home. It’s not difficult to fall in love with this piece of music, which is what she did and as a result decides to learn how to play the violin. She goes with her family to pick one out and even resists all their efforts to convince her to purchase a different instrument instead.

As anyone who has played a musical instrument knows, it takes a lot of time and practice. As Nora struggles with her practicing, everyone in the house struggles with listening to it as it doesn’t sound very pleasant. A family member even starts wearing earmuffs. But, finally she learns the one piece of music she has wanted to learn and it’s a surprise on what it is…

You Can Do It, Noisy Nora is a delightful picture book demonstrating how learning something new takes time, practice, and lots of patience. Rarely is someone good at something the first time they try, but when you do learn something you usually find it is very worthwhile and very satisfying, as Nora did when she learned a new song in the story.

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Thanks to Edelweiss and Viking Books for Young Readers for the review copy and opportunity to provide an honest review.


Noisy Nora is learning to play the violin, but her family isn’t sure they can survive it!

The lovable heroine of Noisy Nora returns in a new book that will charm parents and children alike. Nora is determined to play the violin, but her parents, sister Kate, and brother Jack are appalled by the terrible sounds that emerge during her practice sessions. Scrape and shriek, screech and squeak–everybody holds their ears. But when a special evening comes, Nora succeeds in playing the secret song she’s struggled hard to learn.
You Can Do It, Noisy Nora! provides the perfect way to show young children the value of persevering when trying to master a new skill. Rosemary Wells’s strong-willed heroine is as feisty and unstoppable as ever in this humorous, heartwarming story.

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