An Unequal Defense – Book Review

David Adams #2
By: Chad Zunker
Pages: 247
Published On: May 19, 2020

What a delightful read to run across. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a conspiracy thriller and boy have I missed them. I had almost forgotten how fun they can be and how sucked in I can get as pages furiously fly by as I get caught up in all the twists and turns. This is also my first novel to read by Chad Zunker.

An Unequal Defense features a protagonist that I was very happy to root for – David Adams. After he and his partner leave their previous firm to start a new one that focuses less on money and more on what truly matters, David finds that getting started and finding paying clients is more difficult than he’d like it to be. So when someone approaches him to defend a homeless man named Rebel who has been arrested for murdering an assistant district attorney, he hesitates a little. While his heart keeps prompting him to represent Rebel, odd things are occurring that just don’t add up keeping him invested until finally he is all-in on the case.

One of the main worries when I don’t start at the beginning of a series is whether or not I will understand everything that is going on, or will I feel like I have missed out on something. So, after I was a little ways into the book and realized it was the 2nd one in the series I was a little shocked that I hadn’t been able to tell. The background story occurred so fluidly within the context of the narrative that it felt natural. While, yes, the author did have that moment toward the beginning where they catch you up, it didn’t really feel like it was due to a different book.

While I liked the characters and the pacing of the story definitely had a thriller pace to it, what I missed was having a little more moments of character background and growth – not on the main character, but on supporting characters, such as Dana or Kate. While Dana is definitely important to David and they are definitely friends I never felt I completely understood why she was siding with him or had his back. At times it felt like the supporting characters were just there as a tool to provide certain information or move the plot to the next point. They are, of course, but as a reader I don’t necessarily want to know that.

With all that said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and loved how quickly I became absorbed in it, but also came to really appreciate the positive message the book brings forth too. Overall, a nice read.

Rating: 4 stars


A client with delusions of a deadly conspiracy draws attorney David Adams into a darkness where only the paranoid know how to get out alive.

Former up-and-coming hotshot attorney David Adams left his glamorous corporate law firm to fight for the disenfranchised. With a caseload of petty offenses, a meager office in a crumbling building, and little in the way of compensation, David needs a real case.

When he agrees to represent Rebel, David recognizes this will be the biggest challenge of his young legal career. The mentally unstable homeless man has been accused of murder, and the evidence of his guilt seems overwhelming. But it’s the victim who shakes David’s world: a county prosecutor who just happens to be an old law school friend. Rebel’s murky defense: a paranoid insistence on a CIA plot to silence the derelict.

Aided only by a “legal team” of misfit street friends and a fellow counselor lured into this dark web, David will risk everything to defend his client…who may not be nearly as crazy as he seems.

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