Star Nomad – Book Review

Fallen Empire #1 By: Lindsay Buroker
Published On: May 26, 2016

Throw in a little Firefly and a snippet of Star Wars and you’ll get Star Nomad – a space opera adventure series. Star Nomad helped me remember all the reasons why so many loved the TV series Firefly and helped bring some of that fun and ‘misadventure’ back to life for me. One supposedly easy trip to Perun turns into an unexpected adventure when they have to make a detour stop.

The Star Nomad was an incredibly entertaining and relaxing read as I listened to the fabulous Kate Reading narrate the audio book. All the characters in the story have unique characteristics to them – Captain Alisa Marchenko’s humor that often comes at the wrong time. Beck’s “Awe, shucks. I only want to help” attitude. The Cyborg’s doleful and serious demeanor. Kate is an expert at narrating and brings each of the characters to life by how she alters their dialects and timing of their speech patterns.

The setting for the story is approximately six months after a war between the Alliance and Empire. The rebels/Alliance have unexpectedly defeated the Empire, but apparently never gave any thought to how to govern afterwards. Now there is chaos out in the galaxy as organized crime is starting to take control little by little. Individuals from both sides are cautiously having to learn how to not hate each other enough to coexist peacefully, which is difficult when resentment is still more than plentiful. On the Star Nomad, it turns out that three of the crew/passengers are Alliance and two are from the Empire. While there is a lot of fun or lighthearted moments, there is still plenty of tension and conversations onboard the ship about what each side did right and what they did wrong. This continues through-out the series, but time helps heal in this case.

I am very thankful for whoever recommended this to me. I’ve already started diving into the next in the series and am loving it too. It is a short-read at 229 pages and like others have stated in different reviews it can feel like the first episode of a series. Nonetheless it was still an enjoyable way to pass the time.


The Alliance has toppled the tyrannical empire. It should be a time for celebration, but not for fighter pilot Captain Alisa Marchenko. After barely surviving a crash in the final battle for freedom, she’s stranded on a dustball of a planet, billions of miles from her young daughter. She has no money or resources, and there are no transports heading to Perun, her former home and the last imperial stronghold.

But she has a plan.

Steal a dilapidated and malfunctioning freighter from a junkyard full of lawless savages. Slightly suicidal, but she believes she can do it. Her plan, however, does not account for the elite cyborg soldier squatting in the freighter, intending to use it for his own purposes. As an imperial soldier, he has no love for Alliance pilots. In fact, he’s quite fond of killing them.

Alisa has more problems than she can count, but she can’t let cyborgs, savages, or ancient malfunctioning ships stand in her way. If she does, she’ll never see her daughter again.

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