Runaway Signs – Picture Book Review

By: Joan Holub
Illustrated By: Alison Farrell
Published On: June 2, 2020

It’s the last day of school and the Children Crossing sign is getting a bit jealous and underappreciated watching all the kids talk on the way home about what they are going to do during the summer. So they have an idea – they will go on vacation too! As they start their journey to Adventureland Children-Crossing signs passes by all sorts of other signs and convince them to take a vacation too. All of a sudden the Stop signs, Construction signs, Wrong Way signs and many others aren’t there to do their job causing major headaches for the people.

The colors in the book are predominantly happy summer colors – the sky is blue and the weather is lovely. The fun part about the illustrations is they include call-outs of conversations from the signs saying phrases like “Who wants to ride a roller coaster?” or the Be Alert for Bear sign saying a vacation is a “Beary Good Idea.”

Photo by Travis Saylor on

The book is a humorous way to introduce children to different signs and the importance of following them. It also can provide opportunities for discussing responsibilities that we each may have.


When the road signs take a vacation, chaos and hilarity ensue–and they quickly learn how important they are.

School is ending for the summer, and the stick figures on the school crossing sign are jealous of all the vacation plans they hear the students making. The stick figures work hard–maybe they deserve a vacation, too! So they abandon their signpost and set off on an adventure, inviting along all the other underappreciated road signs they meet on the way. It’s all fun and games for a while, especially when they stumble upon a fantastic amusement park. But the people they’ve left behind are feeling their absence, and soon there are traffic tangles and lost pedestrians everywhere. The signs are more important than they realized, and now it’s time for them to save the day!

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