Thomas Wildus and the Wizard of Sumeria – Book Review

The Elandrian Chronicles #1 By: J.M. Bergen
Published On: February 2, 2019

Thomas Wildus is back and ready for his next adventure and this time his friends Enrique and Akhil are with him. But first, a date with their girlfriends (and potential girlfriends) is in order.

The boys are now 14 with only a few months passing since we last saw them, but you can already see how they are maturing. After a strange message about a “staff” appears on Akhil’s computer and a conversation with the adults who tell them Arius might be going after a ‘source of ancient power’ everyone decides they need to go back to the house in China and regroup with others. While there Enrique and Thomas continue their magical training, which is now expanding to include offense and defense. Even Akhil is part of the training. Although he doesn’t have magical abilities, it was clear that his unique computer and hacking skills could be useful to the group.

Besides Enrique and Akhil, The Wizard of Sumeria has all your favorite characters back and then adds a few more. In the latest book, Thomas’ understanding of the magical world grows as he learns about the Order of the Jade Dragon and meets several more individuals who are all part of this magical world. One aspect that I find rather enjoyable about this series is how lively it is. There are quite a few characters in the story and all together they make the world come alive. For example, Thomas’ first morning’s breakfast starts with an impromptu lesson on how to say ‘Good Morning’ in Ukranian by Oleksiy, followed by conversations with Professor Reilly and Ling Sun about breakfast itself and magic, and then Sifu has Thomas practice his Kung Fu positions after only one bite of food. There’s simply never a dull moment.

All in all the series is rather enjoyable and entertaining and full of action. I also found I enjoyed it more than the first book as it felt more cohesive and there were fun twists and turns. Also, some of the missing puzzles pieces relating to Thomas’ father begin to take come to light.

Thanks to Book Publicity Services for the review copy and opportunity to provide an honest review.


A boy discovering his destiny. An ancient object of unspeakable power. An impenetrable web of deception.

It’s been three months since Thomas and his friends faced off against the enigmatic Arius Strong in an epic fight for the future of humanity. They thought the battle was over. It was only just beginning.

Now, with a mysterious message from an unknown hacker, the action starts again. This time an ancient talisman with legendary powers is at stake, and Arius will stop at nothing to make it his own. Dark witches and wizards are rallying to his cause, and behind it all, a mysterious figure with inexplicable abilities. The forces of light are gathering as well, but the web of deception is thick. Will Thomas and his friends see through the lies in time to stop the forces of evil and prevent a catastrophe of historic proportions?

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