Picture Books

Thanksgiving Rules – Picture Book Review

By Laurie B. Friedman
Illustrated by Teresa Murfin
Published on: January 1, 2014

In this savory and delicious picture book, Percy Isaac Gifford gives us ten Thanksgiving holiday rules and to get the most out of the food and festivities that make up this holiday.

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YA Fantasy

The Wind Reader – Book Review

By Dorothy A. Winsor
Published on: September 28, 2019

Although the characters are 15-years old and can be seen as a teen/young adult novel, The Wind Reader also feels like it would work well in the middle grade category too. With captivating characters, suspense, and ethical and moral dilemmas, I found this to be a very nice fantasy read.

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Cozy Mystery

The Body on the Train – Book Review

Kate Shackleton #11 by Frances Brody
Published on: November 12, 2019

In my mind, there is no better decade for mysteries than the 1920s and 1930s – where time is caught at the beginning of modernization and between two world wars. Where life was changing faster than anyone knew.

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Secret Service – Book Review

By Tom Bradby
Published on: November 5, 2019

A spy thriller where everyone is a suspect and you’re not sure whom to trust – there were times I even questioned the main character. But in addition to being a spy thriller, this is also a story where secret service agent must juggle the demands of both work and home.

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Middle Grade

Mightier Than The Sword: The Edge of the Word – Book Review

By Drew Callander and Alana Harrison
Art by Ryan Andrews and You
Published on November 5, 2019

Another fun book where ‘you’ are part of the story. Includes fill-in the blank stories, places to draw, and another 6-page maze. I really, really love these mazes.

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Nine Elms – Book Review

Kate Marshall Book 1 by Robert Brynzda
Published on: December 1, 2019

I love the feeling I get when I pick up the first book in a brand new series so I was happy to select this novel as my Amazon First Read choice. In Nine Elms, Kate is an ex-detective who now lectures at a local college. She is also known as the detective who identified the Nine Elms Cannibal serial killer back in 1995.

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