Gerald’s Mistake: An Accidental Cat-astrophe – Short Story Review

An Accidental Cat-astrophe Book 1 by T.M. Edwards
Published on: June 19, 2019

Poor Gerald wasn’t getting fed on time.  His owner, Frank, was just too absorbed in his work and was late – again.  And after all…Gerald did warn Frank not to be late again so this whole thing is really not his fault. 

Ever wonder what your cat is thinking when you forget to feed it?  Or what they might do should the end of the world come?  This short story gives you the chance to find out.

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[ARC Review] The Big Five

By Bella Makatini
Published on:  July 5, 2019

The Big Five tells the story of a boy named Danny who is staying with his grandpa for five days.  He loves to look at his grandpa’s paintings, but his favorite is his painting of five animals from Africa.  He asks his grandpa what each of the animals are.  His grandpa gives him clues and they talk about the characteristics of each one.

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