Founders #1 by Robert Jackson Bennett
Publication Date:  August 21, 2018

Foundryside RD4 clean flatI hate writing reviews for books I have no great love for or no great hate for. I read the book earlier this year, but held off on the review in hopes that somehow I would magically develop some keen insight on my feelings. Alas, it did not occur. So, my outstanding critique and review of the book is that I found Foundryside to be “fine”. I’m rating it a 4, but a very weak 4. More like a 3.89 or something similar.

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Red Wizard of Atlantis


Worlds of Atlantis Book 1 by Ravek Hunter
Publication Date:  June 22, 2018

Red WizardThroughout most of the book you follow two main story lines and then late in the book you are introduced to a 3rd story line: Akakios, who is a priest in the service of the god Kronos (patron of blacksmiths, fire, etc.) begins to receive dreams or visions from Anesidora who tells him that she is in distress and needs his help. (Anesidora is a creation between Kronos and Metis, the goddess of wisdom) Akakios consults someone he trusts and together they determine that Akakios must go on a quest to find Anesidora and rescue her. Without giving too much away, his journey places him in unique situations that almost don’t feel real and definitely don’t feel ordinary.

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