Magic 7 – Never Alone – Graphic Novel Review

Script by: Kid Toussaint
Art by: Rosa La Barbera, Giuseppe Quattrocchi
Published on: January 20, 2020

Magic 7 completely surprised me in how much I enjoyed it. And if I am honest, it was a graphic novel I was not ready to have end. If the 2nd volume had been available to me I would have immediately grabbed it and started reading.

Technically speaking, I was a little worried at the first page. It looked to be set hundreds of years ago, not to mention an old fashioned art style and font style, but as I turned to the 2nd page everything completely changed. That’s when I realized the first page was only a flashback to some previous time setting the story in motion.

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[ARC Review] Voyage to the Metal Moon – Book Review

by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by: Patricio Clary

Escape from Planet Alcatraz is a new series by Michael Dahl, with Voyage to the Metal Moon as the advanced review copy provided on Netgalley.  It can be best described as a graphic novel for middle grade or a graphic storybook as the illustrations tend to be a large focus of the book and so detailed-oriented they almost tell a story in themselves.

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