Enlightened: Evaline’s Journey

by Lauren Eckhardt
Published on: March 1, 2019

Evaline's Journey“It all started with the lightning bug. Evaline watched it floating in the air, flirting with the wind like its life was the best thing in the world.”

Enligtened: Evaline’s Journey is a book written beautifully – producing images that dance around in your head long after reading.

While the story for Evaline starts with a lightning bug, for the reader it begins with Evaline in a car crash. When she opens her eyes again, she doesn’t remember anything of her past except for impressions left upon her – impressions of ‘pain and heartache.’ We never learn specifically what her past is, but the author provides gentle impressions that perhaps her home was not happy and that she may have been mistreated. However, she meets the Sun who asks her what ‘home’ would be to her. To her a home would be ‘a place with people who care about me and won’t hurt me.’ The Sun tells her he will help her on her journey and to keep an open mind.

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