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A Study in Scarlet (The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection) – Book Review

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
10-Book Box Set published on July 25, 2019 by Sweet Cherry Publishing

A terrific way to introduce young children to one of the most famous detectives ever – Sherlock Holmes.

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Middle Grade

[ARC Review] Cardslinger – Book Review

By M.G. Velasco
Published on:  August 6, 2019


A western with a modern twist! You don’t see too many westerns in the middle-grade category for kids, so when I saw this book I knew I had to give it a try, especially since it fused a modern-day style game to the core of its story.

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Middle Grade

[ARC Review] Voyage to the Metal Moon – Book Review

by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by: Patricio Clary

Escape from Planet Alcatraz is a new series by Michael Dahl, with Voyage to the Metal Moon as the advanced review copy provided on Netgalley.  It can be best described as a graphic novel for middle grade or a graphic storybook as the illustrations tend to be a large focus of the book and so detailed-oriented they almost tell a story in themselves.

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Middle Grade

The Morgans and the Jewel of Bar-Ran

by K.T. Dady
Published on December 8, 2018

Sometimes I wonder how many hidden book gems there are out there. The ones not published by the large publishing houses? The Morgans and the Jewel of Bar-Ran is one of those hidden gems for me.  I knew it when I found myself not wanting to put it down late at night and when I looked forward to picking it back up after work.

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Middle Grade

[ARC Review] Knighthood for Beginners – MMGM

by Elys Dolan
Published on:  July 2, 2019


Knighthood for Beginners is the adorable (and silly) tale of a dragon named Dave who was terrible at being a dragon. He was terrible at hoarding gold, terrible at eating villages, terrible at knitting, and had stage fright when trying to give riddles out. However, he was good at reading books and after failing the dragon test, he picked up the book ‘Knighthood for Beginners’ and immediately knew what he wanted to do with his life.

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Audio Book Reviews, Middle Grade

The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

Black Hollow Lane #1 by Julia Nobel
Published on:  March 5, 2019


Sometimes you see a cover and just know that this is a book you must read.  But I’ve been fooled before by covers, thankfully this wasn’t one of those times.  The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane is a terrific middle-grade mystery adventure debut novel.

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Middle Grade

[ARC Review] Space Dragons

by Robin Bennett
Published on:  June 19, 2019

Space Dragons

If Stan Pollux had known he would be spending the rest of his summer holidays in the outer reaches of our solar system, he would have put on different underpants.

In Space Dragons a boy named Stan has a lot of things on his mind – mainly his telescope that was broken by his little sister.   But that all changes when he gets kidnapped by a space dragon, who actually turns out to be rather friendly.  Apparently Stan had been in contact with the Particle of Light, which is what caught the dragon’s attention –  even though Stan has no idea what that is.  But then Stan’s sister gets kidnapped too, but this time the dragon that kidnaps her is not so friendly.  So Stan and Mercury (the friendly dragon that kidnapped Stan) go seek advice and assistance from the other dragons in order to help free his sister and save the universe.

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