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[ARC Review] Don’t Drink the Pink – Picture Book Review

by B.C.R. Fegan
Illustrated by: Lenny Wen

Birthday’s are a special time for Madeline in Don’t Drink the Pink.  Each year that she grows older her grandfather gives her a choice of magical potions. There’s red ones, and blue ones, and yellow ones and more.  But the one color she can’t pick is pink. 

Each birthday when she selects a potion and drinks something magical occurs.  With red one she breathes fire, with yellow she has super speed.  It’s a cute rhyming book with fun pictures that even includes extra things occurring in the background, such as her parents putting our fires on her first birthday.  She has a lot of fun on these birthdays and looks forward to them every year.

One year he’s not there to give her a potion.  It’s a sad moment in the book and reminds us that the ones we love will not always be with us, but in this story he’s left her one more potion to drink.  The last potion I wasn’t 100% sure what was occurring although maybe it is meant to be open to our interpretation, either way it was a nice ending.

Thank you to Netgalley and TaleBlade for ARC and opportunity to provide an honest opinion.

Rating:  4.5 stars

Picture Books

Meet Me at the Farmers Market – Book Review

by Lisa Pelto
Illustrated by Paula S. Wallace

Meet Me at the Farmers Market is a delightful picture book about a little girl named Sophia who loves going to the Farmers Market every week.   While there we meet her 3 friends who all love coming too.  She tells us about all the people she sees and musicians as well as all the vendors and what they sell at their tables.  We even get to hear Sophia’s mom make an egg joke that the leads to the vendor replying himself with his own egg joke.  After telling us about the vegetables, Sophia also tells us about other things that are at the farmers market too, such as honey, lemonade, and popsicles.

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It Came From Under the High Chair – Salió De Debajo De La Silla Para Comer – Book Review

Mini Mysteries for Minors Book 5 by Karl Beckstrand
Illustrated by Jeremy Higginbotham
A Mystery (In English and Spanish)
Published on:  July 20, 2019

A bilingual picture book where the story of what happens to the food a toddler throws on the floor is told in both English and Spanish.

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[ARC Review] The Big Five

By Bella Makatini
Published on:  July 5, 2019

The Big Five tells the story of a boy named Danny who is staying with his grandpa for five days.  He loves to look at his grandpa’s paintings, but his favorite is his painting of five animals from Africa.  He asks his grandpa what each of the animals are.  His grandpa gives him clues and they talk about the characteristics of each one.

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Picture Books

Away Go the Boats

By Margaret Hillert
3 stars

away boats

Away Go the Boats is a bath time adventure that teaches young children to use their imagination to go places they wouldn’t typically be able to go. The pictures are bright and colorful and bring a level of cheerfulness that is pleasant to look at. When reading I did have two concerns. The first concerns was that I, like other reviewers, did find the child in the pictures to be a little old. The next concern was that I also found the text the mother says to the child to be a bit awkward, since it is not how someone typically will talk to their child. After reading, I lean toward believing that this might be more suited toward the younger side of the picture-book age range rather the older.